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Botanique Natural Cream - 50ml.

Botanique natural cream - Without harmful chemical elements and preservatives. Innovative EKO cream for everyday skin care with the intense and long regeneration and firming.

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Botanique natural cream - Without harmful chemical elements and preservatives. Innovative EKO cream for everyday skin care with the intense and long regeneration and firming. It provides nutrition and slows down the aging processes and protects the skin from the negative effect of external factor. It softens and heals the inflammatory processes. The regular usage of this cream will make Your skin smooth and perfectly moistured and firm.

Cream ingredients:

Argan oil, Jojoba oil, cotton oil, aloe oil extract, squalane, royal jelly, cotton milk, silver milk, plant lanolin oil, hyaluronic acid 1%, marshmallow extract, hydrolyzed silk, cereal proteins, Hydromanil, triple hyaluronic acid 1,5% , aloe extract, monoatomic gold.

 Monoatomic Gold effects:

To be a powerful antioxidant against free radicals.

To have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Helps cuts heal better.

To enhance ionic movement in tissues and lymph system to improve circulation.

To reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

To improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

To brighten dark skin.

To tighten pores and smooth the skin.

To hydrate skin from losing moisture.

To regenerate cells.

To vitalize skin metabolism.

To synergize absorption of collagen, nutrients and essences of herbal and botanical extracts.

To regulate or balance oil/fat secretion to protect the skin from bacteria.

To delay the aging process.

To help increase nutrients into the skin.


Eco cream base without glycerol and parabens. The package has got the shape of pyramid - The "pyramid" word can be translated as the "fire in the center". It focuses and strengthens the cosmic energy. After placing the pyramid according to the directions of the world it has got the positive influence on the living organisms and inanimate matter. The perfect example of this may be a pyramid model, in which the food will not be spoilt and the razors which are put inside become sharp. The pyramid improves the taste and color of juices. Its shape has got a good influence on plants (better and faster growth) and water - it changes its crystals into regular and harmonic elements. This cream under the pyramid has got the changed water structure stimulated by the shape of the package. This cream has got very good properties and it is absorbed very well by the skin and all its layers so the water crystal in the skin will be changed. This process is very positive for the organism.


Our mission is primarily education. We want to show the world an alternative natural health and uncontaminated beauty. It's time to get back to the nature, which firstly does not harm, secondly, restores every human lost health power and natural beauty.
We collaborate with modern laboratories around the world, as well as with exceptional people with open minds who specialises in many fields - herbal medicine, quantum physics, biology, chemistry and other scientific fields often not recognized by today's official scientific world.

BOTANIQUE project is international in nature. Its purpose is to propose a modern man, who lives in the twenty-first century, a holistic approach to their life and loved ones. Areas where we want to focus mainly include: health and beauty - in a word, a healthy lifestyle.

The project is dedicated to innovative lines of organic cosmetics, dietary supplements and other products that help people in general. In addition, we would like to share a wide range of information and knowledge about all aspects of health and beauty products in the context of health knowledge base.


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